Two-channel pumps usually have very complicated flow field due to the special impeller geometry. The present paper treats the internal flow analysis based on numerical simulation so as to investigate the pumping performance and passage erosion for a two-channel centrifugal pump used for transporting salt particles. The static state flows are calculated by applying RANS method and k-omega SST turbulence model. The numerical results indicate that there are strong circulation flows near the impeller inlet and blade pressure side, and zones with high turbulent kinetic energy near impeller exit when the pump is operated under the designed flow rate i.e. Qd. Pressure decay is also found at the rear part of blade pressure side. At the operation condition of 1.3Qd, the internal flow becomes better. Further, the numerical analysis based on Eulerian-Lagrangian method shows the trajectory of salt particle, salt particle concentration and erosion rate in the pump. It is noted that the salt particles go smoothly in the flow passage due to the large section size of the pump, and there is severe erosion at the blade leading edge and the wall of volute casing due to strong impingement and high particle concentration. Thus, these areas such as blade leading edge and the wall of volute casing are the zones with high erosion risk in the two-channel pump.

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