In this article, longitudinal vortex generator (LVG) for heat transfer enhancement in rectangular channel is investigated numerically and experimentally. Two symmetrical delta shaped plates are placed vertically at the bottom of a rectangular channel and a pair of longitudinal vortices are generated and transferred downstream. These vortices were clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. Correspondingly, the flow has the tendency to shoot to the surface opposite to the one with the LVG, then it separates into two steams and runs back to the LVG surface. Local heat transfer enhancement in the rectangular channel varies due to this fountain effect. Size effects were discussed for two types of LVG. With the same height, the wider LVG has better thermal performance within the rectangular geometry limit. One specific LVG was fabricated and tested experimentally and results show significant heat transfer enhancement. It indicated that the LVG can enhance the heat transfer significantly and the numerical results are reliable.

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