Hydrogen concentration measuring technologies in containment can play an important role in preventing radioactive materials leakage and ensuring the safety of people and property in nuclear accident. However, as a confined space, the environmental condition in the containment during a severe accident is very complex and harsh, with high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and high-level radioactive. Thus, it is an issue worth exploring how to ensure the availability, safety and measurement accuracy of the hydrogen measuring devices in such special conditions. This article reviews the hydrogen measuring technology and related products currently used in nuclear power plant in the world. Because of the particularity of the severe accident conditions, some measuring technology and related products need further improvement and perfection. After the Fukushima nuclear accident, the technology for measuring hydrogen concentration in containment has become more compelling. The CH-15 type hydrogen concentration measuring device, which was independent developed by the 718th Research Institute, was briefly introduced in the end of this article. With deepening understanding of nuclear accident by nuclear power industry, the advanced hydrogen measuring devices will be widely used in nuclear power plant in the world, which will be helpful to improve the safety level of nuclear power plant.

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