This paper presents a simple criterion to predict the fracture of offshore steel structures due to the interaction effect of ductile fracture and fatigue, which is termed as extremely-low cycle fatigue (ELCF) fracture. The criterion has been obtained from further simplification of available cyclic void growth model (CVGM). The main advantage behind this simplified criterion (i.e. simple criterion) is that it can be easily utilized with commonly available elasto-plastic finite element (FE) packages than the previous CVGM criterion. Initially the simplified ELCF fracture criterion is clearly presented. And the associated ELCF fracture prediction methodology is also indicated. The simplified criterion is then employed to determine ELCF fracture of some structural models. Hence verification of the simplified criterion is confirmed by comparing the results with previous criterion-based estimations. Then the simplified criterion is applied to predict the ELCF fracture of a reduced beam section specimen. Finally, study tends to conclude that the simplified criterion provides reasonable accurate prediction to ELCF fracture of offshore steel structures where magnitude of triaxiality remains relatively constant.

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