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May 2024, Volume 146, Issue 3

About the Journal

This site contains select articles published in Mechanical Engineering magazine from 1998-present. Mechanical Engineering magazine is the award-winning monthly flagship publication of ASME. The magazine delivers an interdisciplinary view into engineering trends and breakthroughs, giving readers a roadmap to better understand today's technology and tomorrow's innovations. Read more...

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AI and the Future of the Machine Design

Artificially Intelligent Systems are Learning How to Develop New Products and Design. What Does that Leave the Engineers to do?

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Popular Article

Seeing Beyond the Line of Site – Controlling Connected Automated Vehicles

This article discusses past, present, and future research on connected automated vehicles and their impact on road transportation...

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Mechanical Engineering Magazine

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Mechanical Engineering magazine is pleased to offer a service which provides colleges and universities with an opportunity to post open faculty positions, and provides academics and students with a convenient way to view open faculty positions.

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